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    Speaker tester w/LK08, NL4, XLR and mediaplayer

      speaker tester w/lk08/ nl4/ xlr and mediaplayer
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    The Teqsas TQX is a test tool for speakers and speakercables. In addition, Line signals can also be monitored, or measurement signals / music tracks can be played from the internal memory via the XLR Line Out. Features: o Colored Display o Speaker test via CA-COM/ NL8 or Speakon NL4 o Listen to incoming signal via the internal speaker or headphone out o Internal audio player with 2GB flash memory o Cable Tester for NL8/CA-Com and NL4 Cables o Output Power 10 Watts / 4 Ohm o Transformer balanced Line In and Line Out o 24 bit / 48khz .wav or .mp3 o Line isolator between XLR input and Output
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