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Interpretation unit for the ATUC-50 conference system

Produktnummer: ATUC-50INT

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Whatever your conferencing or discussion needs, the ATUC-50 is designed to offer reliable, clear and intelligible communication to significantly increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness. Voice is the quickest and most efficient tool for exchanging ideas - whether in meeting rooms, councils, classrooms or through videoconference, speech is the most direct way of communication and understanding.Advanced configuration can be used to tailor the system to the users’ needs. Each configuration can be saved and recalled instantly. Multiple modes allow for adaption to each and every situation including: Free Talk, Request to Talk, Full Remote; various override settings: ‘LIFO’, ‘FIFO’ and ‘Non Override’; manual or voice activation and flexible ‘Mic On trigger mode’. IP Control allows full parameter access from most third party control systems. Three Interpretation channels answer today’s need in contemporary meeting rooms.Features of the ATUC-50CU control unit include:
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Produktserie ATUC
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Produsentens varenummer ATUC-50IU
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